Greek House Koroni

The location is in the village Charakopiò (or Harokopiò), in Gargarù, part of the local authority of Koròni and comprises a beautiful fenced-off garden of 8,000 square meters, in the open countryside, surrounded by olive groves along the northern coastline of Koròni, in the gulf of Messenia, opposite Mount Taygéto.
The garden has olives, oranges, vines, bananas and palm trees as well as other ornamental trees. The altitude is between 10 - 25 metres above see level (70% flat) and gives onto a beach with private access.

Large car-park area in the shade of the trees.

You can reach the location from Charakopiò (in Koròni) via a hillside road, half asphalt and half cement (2 km). (….)

Fine sandy beach for a length of about 1 km.
Clean, warm and shallow water, ideal for children.

The houses are about 80 m. and 100 m. from the beach.

A beautiful porch, in the shade of the olive trees, 10 metres above the beach, provides an ideal view and picnic or evening area.

At the northern tip of the beach, about 700 m. from the houses, there are 3 restaurants, 2 on the coast and one about 300 m. up the hillside.

In Charakopiò (2 km from the houses) and Koròni (5 km) there are grocery and greengrocers stores (and a small supermarket in Koròni), shops, a pharmacy and doctors facilities.

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